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Love Law and Orders soo much to!

hi everyone:) my names skye..
i love this journal!! soo addicted to all three law and orders i cant miss an ep! my first fave out of the three would be svu, only cause we see both outside lives and there work life...dealing with such harsh crimes.
with law and order i really loved the pairing of logan and briscoe they had that real witty connection between the two. logan was definatley the toughest cop same with green but curtis aww he was just a try hard...but hey thats just my opinion.It was sad when loan left but they way they wrote him out but puching that polictical leader was soo logan it was perfect:) jack and ben are both great lawyers in the show but some how jack seems more different like his hip(rides motorbike) and up to date but also is powerful in the courtroom(always moving words)
With criminal intent, i love the goren/eames partner ship it works really well and ya gotta love gorens funny:) i loved wen nicol/elizabeth is in it..the one on one play between the two is just brilliant!
And finally svu the characters have that group support between each other..i love that bensen and stabler have that real close partner/friendship that they share just about everything with each other:) Its always interesting to see how the crimes reflect there personal lives and i love the witty banter from all the characters especially munch..very entertainging:) hehe anyway im just full on law and order and glad to share it with you cool guys!
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